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Introducing 27 Traveling African American Women prompts, designed to inspire your creativity and add diversity to your graphic design projects. These prompts feature a variety of images and themes related to African American women on their travel adventures, providing a rich and inspiring source of material for your designs. Whether you need fresh ideas for a travel brochure, a poster, or social media graphics, these prompts will help you infuse your designs with a unique and culturally rich perspective. From vibrant city scenes to serene nature landscapes, these prompts showcase the beauty and diversity of the African American experience. Elevate your graphic design work with the compelling stories and images of these Traveling African American Women prompts.


*To create endless art, simply change the "Hairstyle," "Attire," and the "Posture/Action and Props," but play with these three aspects to explore new ideas while retaining the essence of the original statement.


  • Hairstyle: Modify the hairstyle indicated in the statement
    (e.g., "afro hair", "long dreadlocks", "messy bun", "straight
    hair"... etc.).
  • Attire: vary the character's outfit, keeping in mind the
    "self-care" spirit (e.g. "yoga jumpsuit", "sweatshirt and
    black legging pants", "earth-toned crop top and loose
    jogging pants"... etc).
  • Action/posture and action props: vary the character's
    action as well as the elements that accompany it (e.g.
    "She hugs herself", "she meditates", "she eats a healthy
    meal", "she takes a bubble bath"...etc).


Traveling African American Women Prompts

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